Intellectual Property Rights Internationally

European Patent Office

Patent processed by the European Patent Office (EPO) by virtue of the European Patent Convention. The European patent system makes it possible to obtain patent protection in all the Convention member countries desired (38 countries in 2017) using a single patent application. Once granted, the European patent has the same effect in each of the countries for which it is granted as a national patent subject to the legislation of the respective country. The advantage of this European system is that it makes protection of the invention in Europe easier and less burdensome.

The patent application can be submitted to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office ( or in the Spanish Autonomous Regions (Industrial Property Regional Information Centres). The application can be filed on paper or electronically. While the European patent application can be submitted in Spanish, translation to one of the official languages of the Convention (English, French or German) is required to continue the process. For further information: European Patent Office.

European Patent Office Contact Information

  • Web site address:
  • Address: Avenue de Cortenbergh 60 · 1000 Bruxelles · Belgium
  • Address: Erhardtstrasse 27 · 80331 · Munich · Germany
  • Address: Gitschiner Strasse 103 · 10969 · Berlin · Germany
  • Address: Patentlaan 2 · 2288 · Rijswijk · Netherlands
  • Address: Rennweg 12 · 1030 · Vienna · Austria

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